The smartest way to monitor and manage your LV network.

How it works

Empowering electricity distributors to manage LV network challenges

Experience the future with PowerPilot's cutting-edge end-to-end ecosystem, seamlessly supporting the energy transformation roadmap for electricity distribution businesses. Elevate network safety, reliability, and performance with innovative smart technology solutions

ConductorDown Technology

How it works

Three phase distribution sub monitoring

PowerPilot devices on LV transformers deliver crucial data on voltage, current, power, reactive power, power factor, and harmonics. They diagnose open or imbalanced phases, ensuring safety and equipment durability. Utilize calibrated data for HV network monitoring, enabling informed capital expenditure decisions based on actual data, not estimates

Single phase service monitoring

PowerPilot Installation at an ICP delivers real-time parametric data, including loop impedance, without extra hardware. Cost-effective installations across the network provide comprehensive insights for a modest capital outlay. Control rooms utilize situational displays for network-wide overviews, minimizing SAIDI minutes by precisely understanding outage impacts and restoring power efficiently.

Installation sub-circuit and device load control

PowerPilot monitors circuits at various sites, including commercial/industrial spaces, residences with PV/microgeneration, and locations with grid-attached battery/EV chargers. It replaces aging ripple control tech, preventing stress from peak loads. With individual load circuit control, PowerPilot enhances precision compared to traditional ripple channels.

The benefits

With exceptional processing power available right at the edge, primary network data can be transformed into targeted information, using tools such as machine learning. Insights can be developed and controls applied, without burdening communication infrastructure.


Identify safety hazards before anyone is put in harm’s way


Restore power faster and reduce downtime metrics such as SAIDI


Because it pays to know what is happening on your network


Bring the future to your network today

PowerPilot Products

M11 Product Family

Complete monitoring for single-phase circuits

M11 Product Img


The M11 is available with an LCD display option to display some useful information, including energy consumption and real-time voltage and current on-device.
M11x Product Img


The M11 is a DIN rail mount device, but there are weatherproof options for outdoor use, ideal for situations where accessing customer premises is challenging. The M11x is an IP67-rated variant designed for pole-mounted overhead line connections.
M11z Product Img


M11z: an IP68-rated enclosure has been specifically designed for fitting inside pillar boxes

M31 Product Family

Complete energy monitoring for three-phase

M31 Product Img


PowerPilot offers three-phase circuit monitoring for transformers, overhead LV lines, and interruptible loads, providing parametric data across the entire LV network in near-real-time. It delivers routine and on-demand reporting of average and instantaneous values, with programmable thresholds for immediate event reports, ensuring real-time alerts.

Key safety features include HV ConductorDown for immediate detection of downed HV conductors, Loop Impedance monitoring without extra hardware, and Last Gasp for loss-of-power alerts using stored energy.

Utilizing LoRaWAN for cost-effective two-way communication and WiFi for higher-speed data transmission and firmware updates, PowerPilot comes with IP67 plugs or flying leads as standard. Customizable with CTs and voltage taps, it also offers two binary inputs for monitoring other equipment and optional 5A 230V relay outputs for remote control.

Supplied in an IP67 weatherproof enclosure, PowerPilot can be provided as a pair of DIN-Rail components without the enclosure. An additional variant includes an extra enclosure and digital CTs for monitoring multiple downstream three-phase circuits and complete parametric data on upstream phases.

Other Products


230V relay for switching 40A loads

S11 Product Img
  • Connects via M11 or C11 to communications network using either a physical wired RS-485 serial connection with either a Modbus or wirelessly with ESP-Now/802.11LR.
  • Select up to 16 different configurations for different deployment scenarios.
  • OLED display.
  • Enables a wide variety of innovative innovative management and equipment control solutions when used in conjunction with the M11 and M13 series devices.


Two in one VT/CT device

VT/CT Product Image
  • A two in one IP67 rated unit, containing a Current transformer and a Voltage I.P.C allowing for monitoring and protection of the system. Even contains a built in fuse for extra device protection. 
  • Easy and fast to install.
  • Fully compatible with PowerPilot M31 series devices.
  • Suitable for wires or cables up to 20mm in diameter.

Our story

We needed visibility for our customers LV network and looked for an IoT solution, but couldn't find one. So we set about building one. PowerPilot is the result of the ideas and lots of hard work by our industry-based team that has led to a truly innovative product that we are confident will disrupt the market.

Our vision

Revolutionizing energy distribution for network managers, the IoT sensor network offers real-time visibility and optimized asset utilization. Advanced loop control algorithms intelligently manage loads, spearheading a transformative leap in energy efficiency.


Implement an network-based system using LoRaWAN for wide coverage without relying on WiFi or expensive cellular connections. The system's 32-bit microprocessors, local data storage, and integrated WiFi/BLE offer robust processing power, while HTTP APIs facilitate seamless integration of PQ, metering, and event data with existing supervisory systems.

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